Psychological Prosthetics™

Psychological Prosthetics™ looks at the way individual manage their political feeling. Using language of marketing and self help media, as well as visual and design of the pharmaceutical industry, Psychological Prosthetics™ is a public project, exhibited on the streets (the US, Israel and Europe), installations (US, Austria), and at film screenings
• Emotional Baggage:
To see Psychological Prosthetics™ Trifold
To read Emotional Baggage Catalog (PP)
Below is a short clip from ‘Emotional Baggage’
• Consume Your Fear:
Originally commissioned for Subversive Messe in Linz, Austria, as an installation and a service to participating audience. A later video was produced for an installation at ARGEKultur fesival “Angst macht Dumm!” at Salzburg, Austria
To watch the video produced for Consume Your Fear (external link)


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